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Wherever you are in your journey, we welcome you to join us at the Church of the Holy Communion. Not only is Holy Communion the name of our church, but it is the principal act of Christian worship, established by Jesus Christ. God intended all of life to be in a “holy communion” with God and with one another in Christ. With God’s help, Church of the Holy Communion is committed to be just that, in which together we worship, serve, learn, and share fellowship. Come, worship and grow with us.

Church of the Holy Communion is located in Norwood, New Jersey, an Episcopal Church within the Diocese of Newark and part of the greater Anglican Communion. We support a wide variety of ministries and activities and offer church school for children and Christian education programs for adults. We are a Believe Out Loud Episcopal Congregation committed to diversity.The church building is listed on The National Register of Historic Places and features an original, signed stained glass window by Tiffany Studios and an historic pipe organ by J.H. & C.S. Odell pipe organ builders.

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Worship With Us


8:15 AM  Holy Eucharist Rite I
A quiet reflective service offered in traditional language featuring a sermon and the celebration of Holy Eucharist.

9:00 AM  Adult Christian Education

10:15 AM  Holy Eucharist Rite II
The principal celebration of the Holy Eucharist offered in more contemporary language, featuring music, choir, and a sermon. Children are welcome to attend our Sunday School and join the service at the offertory.  Coffee Hour immediately after the service.

A church is people as a Temple made without hands that worships in and embodies the Presence of God.



Our Life and Ministries

What is the mission of the church?
The mission of the Church is to restore all people to Unity with God and each other in Christ.

Does the Church pursue its mission?
The Church pursues its mission as it prays and worships, proclaims the Gospel, and promotes justice, peace, and love.

Through whom does the church carry out its mission?
The Church carries out its mission through the ministry of all its members.

The Book of Common Prayer, p. 855


Here’s how we try to live out our vision and pursue the Church’s mission:

The Mission or Ministries Groups incarnate or embody MINISTRY in the principal areas of WORSHIP, EDUCATION, EVANGELISM, FELLOWSHIP. STEWARDSHIP, OUTREACH, PASTORAL CARE.


Our Vision

Church of the Holy Communion is a community in Christ we gather to share our faith through worship, study, and service to the congregation, the wider community, and the world. We will commit time, talents and financial resources to further develop our ministries. These include EDUCATION, FELLOWSHIP, EVANGELISM, STEWARDSHIP, OUTREACH, PASTORAL CARE and any other ministries to which we are called by the Holy Spirit. We will always strive to maintain an environment that is open, welcoming, nurturing, and caring to all.


Coming Up

Our History

Church of the Holy Communion has enjoyed a rich history in Norwood, NJ. Prior to the official formation of Church of the Holy Communion, records reflect that Episcopal services were held in Norwood as early as January 23, 1870 in the Presbyterian Church.

Bishop Odenheimer of the Diocese of Newark granted official canonical consent to the formation of Church of the Holy Communion on October 14, 1878. The parish was originally started as a weekend and summer chapel by New Yorkers. At this point in time, Norwood and the area around it was a popular weekend, vacation and summer destination.

Mr. and Mrs. George W Luckey donated the land for the church. Construction of the first church building started in 1876 and was completed in 1877. The church was consecrated in 1878. An early morning fire destroyed the original church on November 6. 1886.

The parishioners were determined to rebuild their church. The present church, which is patterned along the exact lines of the original building, was completed in 1888 at a cost of $8,229.69. The William H. Oakley family generously donated the Carrera marble altar and a magnificent three panel Tiffany window depicting the resurrection. The Suydam family donated an exquisite pipe organ manufactured by J.H. & C.S. Odell Organ Builders. All of these wonderful gifts are still in service today as reminders of our deep heritage in Norwood and the families that gave our church its start.

In 1930, a parish hall was added. The parish hall and church were connected by a cloister which was generously donated by Mrs. Carolyn Savidge, mother of J. Foster Savidge, a priest who served as rector of our church for thirty-six years.

In 1969, the church financed the construction of an education building which today houses Episcopal Child Care Services (ECCS), a state-licensed preschool committed to providing high quality, affordable day care for families who live and work in the area.

In 1980, Church of the Holy Communion was yoked with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in neighboring Harrington Park. This allowed the two churches to share a rector and many of the administrative expenses involved with parish life. This arrangement was ended in 1987 with the consent of both parishes. Since this time, Church of the Holy Communion has functioned as an independent church in the Diocese of Newark.

Over the years, our small church, like the area it serves, has transformed itself. What was once a weekend/vacation chapel has now become a vibrant church that serves a growing suburban area.

While Church of the Holy Communion has never been a large parish, it has a rich history and has touched the lives of its parishioners and visitors with the warmth of its congregation and the beauty of its surroundings.


We have a continuing Outreach program by which we take the opportunity to assist various programs as the need arises. Outreach has been defined as “Christians helping those in need without question and without judgement.”

We assist established programs such as the Family Promise at St. Andrews in Harrington Park, NJ, and Soup Angels  in Nyack, NY.

We have col­lected gently used items and canned goods at Westy’s storage in Norwood and delivered them to the Apostle’s House in Newark, N.J.

The Church of Holy Communion also sponsors a young boy named Neba through the Bene­dictine Sisters of Bethany and the Children of the Good Shepherd home affiliated with the Anglican Church of Cameroon, West Africa.

Through our Outreach program, we have also donated to local organizations, such as the Smile Forever Foundation, The Passaic Teen Center and Julia’s Butterfly Foundation.


Fighting Hunger

In our area, hunger is a hidden problem.  Our outward affluence belies the fact that many families are struggling in this economy.  Proper nutrition is also a concern as obesity levels have become epidemic.  We at Holy Communion have begun a new ministry, the Food Pantry , to begin to address these concerns.  Additional activities will be added as we are able.

Food Pantry

Our Sacristy has now been rearranged to make room for the food pantry.  We are coordinating our efforts with other food pantries in the area, including the Borough of Closter, to widen coverage as a new distibution point.   Anyone wishing to volunteer in our efforts may contact the Church office.  Being an Episcopalian is never a prerequisite.  Any assistance is welcome.   Norwood Brownie Troop 4164 comes to the food pantry.     Click here for drop off information

Food Pantry Schedule & Items needed

Our food pantry does not offer monetary assistance.


Is a fund create to enable the Church of the Holy Communion maintain and restore its unique buildings and grounds. The fund’s goal is to raise $5000 a year toward this effort.

The Church was built in 1877, then rebuilt after a fire in 1887.  It is a premier example of Gothic revival architecture.  The rectory is classic shingle style reminiscence of a McKim, Mead & White design.  The parish hall and cloister were added in the 1930’s and balance the pastoral setting.


The Church of the Holy Communion is proud of its Ministry of love and remembrance, with
our Columbarium within the Garden of the Resurrection. The Columbarium contains a group of niches, which contain the cremated remains of the departed. This ministry leaves the cremated remains in a beautiful setting, on church grounds.

A niche in the Columbarium is modest in cost, liturgically satisfying and ecologically sound.
The quiet design of the Columbarium, combined with the Memorial Garden, invites solitary contemplation and meditation. It also becomes a peaceful gathering place for family and friends to assemble in prayer, love and remembrance, and creates a consoling link between life and death.


For Children on the Grow

A loving and enriching environment for child-care and development. ECCS provides

  • Certified teachers
  • Math, Social Studies, Spanish, Science instruction
  • Language and Phonics development
  • Art, Music, and Computers
  • Fine and Gross Motor development
  • Indoor and Outdoor playtime
  • Special Events and Field Trips
  • Staff trained in CPR & First Aid
  • Infant care (From six weeks of age)
  • Accredited Kindergarten
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks provided
  • Second Child Discount
  • 12 month Program
  • Extended Hours (7:00am – 6:00 pm)


William Evans Scholarship Fund

This fund will assist parents of the ECCS who are in need of financial help past, present or future. This scholarship fund is meant to serve as a legacy for Bill Evans who was instrumental in the founding of the school.  A minimum of 10% of all church fundraising activities is committed to this fund.

For More Information:

Lari Fielding, M.Ed, Director | ECCS | 66 Summit Street | Norwood, NJ 07648 | 201.768.3207

Website: http://eccschildcare.org/

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